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We understand that your business needs tailored security plan that addresses the unique needs of your business. Our security experts have the skills and experience necessary to develop and implement a customized security plan. Our plan may include Building Access Control, Video Surveillance, Monitored Cameras, Monitored Alarms, Video Intercom, or On-Demand Guard Service.
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Does your business have an updated security plan that includes advanced technologies and proven security measures? Our solutions can include video surveillance, access control systems, intrusion detection, monitoring and other security services.

Let us help you develop a solid plan.

Here are some of the ways we can help:


Cloud Based Access Control Software - Accessible from anywhere


Cloud Based, Server Based or Local Embedded Video Surveillance


Alarm System Monitoring with Remote Interactive Services


Video Intercom with Remote 2-Way Communication with Visitors


Video Monitoring with 2-way audio. Let us watch your cameras for you and we will take action when something suspicious occurs. We will confront trespassers telling them to leave warning them that we are calling the police and security.

Business Security

Scalable Cloud based Access Control Solutions

Scalable Cloud based Access Control Solutions with powerful customizable features for the modern commercial environment. Manage a single site or multiple sites and users from a single interface. Enter your building by touch, mobile app, smart watch, or key card.

Unlike legacy systems, Openpath’s software is cloud-based, meaning Access easily scales with your building and seamlessly integrates with platforms like GSuite and Office365.



Business Security

Modern Cloud based or Traditional Video Security

Modern Cloud based Video Security with Custom Smart Alerts including facial detection, License Plate Recognition, Unusual Behavior, Fall Detection and more. All of your sites managed from a single interface.

If you are looking for a traditional Video Surveillance System our embedded NVR’s with local storage solutions offer high resolution and remote access. We have NDAA compliant solutions, cloud storage, and video monitoring solutions for your specific needs.


Business Security

Cloud Based Video Intercom with Mobile App

Our cloud-based admin system allows property owners and managers to easily add or remove residents, issue virtual keys and access PINs, and review time- and date-stamped entry photos.

Our smart intercom provides residents with features designed for safety and convenience. Use your smartphone to see who is at the building’s front door, initiate a voice or video chat with visitors, issue virtual keys for seamless guests access, and more.


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